Macro photography

Macro photography is the art of capturing images at a 1:1 scale. This basically means that you get really close!

Here I share with you some of my images that I have captured on this scale. I will give some insight as to how I have achieved each image.

Do you still not believe in Dragons?

Last month I shared some tips on how to get good close up photos. This month I have been playing...

Fossil photography - close up of a trilobite fossil

4 Fascinating Fossils

I have always had an interest in the natural world and been inspired by nature. In recent years my interest...

Close up of a hawthorn Sheildbug

Hawthorn shield bug

There has been too much “cute” going on with my blog lately – so I thought it was time to...

Baby Hawaiian Goose

Over the hill and far away….the goslings

As baby bird photographs are just too cute, I could resist doing another post on them (and we are back...

I have a new “toy”

I have a new “toy”

I am so excited! I have treated myself to a new lens! I love macro photography as it gets you...