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Here I share any interesting events or news stories relating to photography. In particular I share specific achievements from Sara Sadler Photography.

Littlehampton's 8th Annual Arts Trail. September 28th to October 12th 2020

How to see fantastic art in the Littlehampton Art Trail

Last chance to see some amazing art in the Littlehampton Art Trail.

Littlehampton's 8th Annual Arts Trail. September 28th to October 12th 2020

New art trail to feature exciting photographic art

Find out more about the LOCA trail taking place over the next two weeks in Littlehampton

digital art influenced by the concept of joining a support bubble on the easing of lockdown

The Power of the image

Today I take a look at Episode 2 of the BBC documentary "The age of the image".

The Age of the image. A modern fine art take on the original milk drop image by Harold Edgerton.

It is the age of the image, can we trust it?

I have finally caught up with a new BBC documentary discussing the age of the image. I thought I would share my thoughts on it with you today.

Lockdown inspired art wins print from Loxley Colour

Lockdown inspired image in the top 5

Latest news from Sara Sadler Photography! This lockdown inspired composite photograph wins a spot in the top 5 images over on TPA.

Lockdown inspired art wins award

Is Lockdown inspired art good? 2 reasons why it is!

This lockdown inspired art has been great fun to create, as well as giving me a fun project to fill my time. However, is it any good?

Lacking empathy fine art photograph - from Sara Sadler

Powerful “Lacking empathy” wins a spot in the top 5

Find out more about this dark and disturbing image!

20:20 pandemic - reproduction of the 1920s Spanish flu information poster

20:20 pandemic from the Spanish Flu to Coronavirus

An artistic look at how governments disseminate information 100 years apart.

planning and sketches for the 20:20 photo project

Get excited about the big 20:20 photo project

Introducing the planning stages of my next series. The big 20:20 photo project!

self portrait photographed in my bathroom

Time for a change exciting new photo environment

Find out about the changes in my shooting environment.