Christmas composite art

You need to see this magical Christmas themed composite art

Take a look at my new Christmas themed composite art.

A new updated version of lockdown art featuring eyes looking out of a box appears in Museum exhibition and Founders cup award finalist

Get inspired by the new covid safe Museum exhibition this December

Find out more about the Littlehampton Museum Open exhibition.

Unusual Christmas Gifts from Redbubble - Reindeer cards

Don’t miss out on giving unusual Christmas gifts this year

Get unique Christmas gifts from the comfort and safety of your living room this holiday season! Support artists and shop at Redbubble.

Indie week at the just a card campaign

Indie week returns for the just a card campaign

Next week is indie week! Find out more about this independent alternative to Black Friday and help make an artist do a happy dance!

smoking vs vaping. Looking at how attitudes have changed over the last 100 years.

Smoking vs vaping comparing 100 years of change

Comparing life in the 1920s to the present day. This week looking at smoking vs vaping.

spooky images - a Halloween carved spooky apple!

Fun seasonal spooky images you need to see some light relief!

Take a look at these seasonal spooky images that were created for fun

three crows - new digital art image

Three crows make a splash in new photo art

Introducing a new piece of photo art that I am calling "Three crows".

Surreal art - an updated Lockdown image

Revisiting, tweeting and improving on surreal art

Sometimes I look at a finished piece of my surreal art and decide - that is it. I have nailed it. Other times I look at it and there is a nagging doubt that something isn't quite right. That is when I need to revisit my images.

ICM at the beach for mindfulness

Finding peace and mindfulness in times of turmoil

Using mindfulness and photography to relax in turbulent times.

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