Faking the golden hour to create a romantic image!

Four Fantastic Frames for February – more images from my year-long project

See how I got on with my year-long project during the month of February. Take a look at the 4 images captured this month.

Faking the golden hour to create a romantic image!

Faking the golden hour to create a romantic mood

Take a look behind the scenes to see how I created a golden hour image when nature wasn't going to give me one!

A new updated version of lockdown art featuring eyes looking out of a box appears in Museum exhibition and Founders cup award finalist

Shortlisted lockdown series celebrated at award ceremony

Last year the Founders Cup shortlist was announced. I was lucky enough to have my Lockdown series featured in this...

new mask designs - tulip

Brighten up your day with a new mask!

Spring is just around the corner! It is sometimes hard to be positive in these crazy days. However, maybe now...

Change inspires a new aspirational photo challenge

Change inspires a new aspirational photo challenge

A closer look at a new aspirational challenge where I had to complete a new series each week on the theme of change.

Leading lines for the year in pictures project

A year in pictures to get the creativity flowing!

Find out more about my new 52 frames project where I am attempting to capture the year in pictures, by taking a new photograph every week.

Certificate for being the top 10 shortlist for the Founders Cup

Lockdown panel wins a place in the Founders Cup shortlist

Announcing exciting news! My Lockdown series is one 10 panels to be shortlisted in the Guild of Photographers Founders Cup.

Gifts this year - treat yourself to some new clothes.

Feeling sad that Santa bought the wrong gifts this year?

Want to treat yourself to something new for the home

Infomation overload: a mouth on a stick - who is in control of what you are saying?

Information overload: Do you think before you speak?

Are you in control of the information you share?

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