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I have a variety of interests when it comes to photography. You can often find me photographing the weird and wonderful! It could be an interesting texture or a colour that may catch my eye. Sometimes I capture an image with a project in mind. Other times a subject is just appealing. An image can be used in any number of ways. For this reason, I regularly upload photographs to Alamy stock images.

Stock photographs

It regularly surprises me what images people want. This is why you will find me with a camera in my hand capturing images which may seem boring or unattractive to many people. However, it is the unexpected image that is often purchased for a website, publication in books or magazines and for advertising.

Over the years I have captured a number of wildlife, science and nature images. These I have added to my stock library. You can go to my library and purchase a licence to use the image of how you wish, under the terms of that licence.

Purchasing is easy. You find the image, and the purchase the licence. The pricing structure varies as to how you wish to use the image. The further the distribution the greater the fee. This means that for smaller publications, buying images is quite affordable.

Here is a small sample of the type of images to buy:

Part of a pocket watch uploaded to Alamy Stock Images and it used as the floor in the Held the world fine art photography
pocket watch

In the stock library, you will find a number of still life subjects. These range from household items to science-based items. In particular, I specialise in high school science equipment and experiments. The science images, demonstrating experiments such as displacement and electrolysis have proved to be very popular.

Brown Shield Bug wins bronze award and has been uploaded to Alamy Stock images.
Brown Shield Bug

Also, animals feature heavily in the collection. I have enjoyed photographing close up insects, birds, mammals in the wild. Our very own bearded dragons make up much of the animal collection too!

black and white dandelion clock - fine art photography
Dandelion Clock

Finally, plants and flower are also a favourite of mine. I have included flowers in their natural environments, as well as some that have been edited in a fine art style.

This library is growing regularly. I try to add new images every month. So do check back.

Buy Alamy Stock Images

You can see my Alamy stock images on my profile page. There you can browse my images in subcategories to find the perfect image. The purchasing process through Alamy is very simple and you can download your image for use immediately.

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