Infomation overload: a mouth on a stick - who is in control of what you are saying?

Information overload: Do you think before you speak?

Are you in control of the information you share?

Are we just puppets believing everything we hear?

who is in control of the information you see and hear?

A behind the scenes look at the inspiration behind my new series "puppets".

digital art influenced by the concept of joining a support bubble on the easing of lockdown

New Year resolutions: Are you making plans for 2021?

2020 has been a strange and difficult year. So today I am looking at whether we should be making plans for 2021.

Christmas composite art

Seasons Greetings to all my loyal fans!

Happy Christmas!

are we just puppets? or can we think for ourselves?

Are we just puppets? Exploring this social issue through art.

So are we all brainwashed puppets? Who is really controlling what we hear or see? That is what my latest series is exploring.

Christmas composite art

You need to see this magical Christmas themed composite art

Take a look at my new Christmas themed composite art.

A new updated version of lockdown art featuring eyes looking out of a box appears in Museum exhibition and Founders cup award finalist

Get inspired by the new covid safe Museum exhibition this December

Find out more about the Littlehampton Museum Open exhibition.

Unusual Christmas Gifts from Redbubble - Reindeer cards

Don’t miss out on giving unusual Christmas gifts this year

Get unique Christmas gifts from the comfort and safety of your living room this holiday season! Support artists and shop at Redbubble.

Indie week at the just a card campaign

Indie week returns for the just a card campaign

Next week is indie week! Find out more about this independent alternative to Black Friday and help make an artist do a happy dance!

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