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feather print

Awesome abstract art!

Check out this abstract feather and the range of products you can buy it on!

playing with portraits - a gothic low key self portrait

Playing with Portraits

I have just finished reading a brilliant book on photography lighting. “Light, science and magic” covers the fundamentals of lighting...

Download Festival

Download Festival 2019

Back in mid-June, I had an amazing family weekend away at the Download Festival. Known for its rock and metal...

Abstract oil on water photography

Abstract setup – A behind ​the scenes look

Last week I shared some new products featuring blue and yellow oil on water art. Today I thought I would...

Abstract wall art - oil on water photography

Surprising o​​​il​ on water photography

I have been playing with some more artistic photography again! This time I wanted to create colourful images that were...

Example of a fine art eye that will inspire you!

Example of a fine art eye that will inspire you!

Lately, I have been getting ideas for my photography from competition themes. I have been getting fed up with producing...

National Press feature

National Press feature for stock image

I have been submitting my photographs to stock websites for some time now and been lucky enough to make a...

Self portrait captured as painterly photography

Behind the scenes – painterly photography

Painterly photography is something new to me. I had heard the term talked about but not really fully understood what...

black-bellied whistling duck stickers - medium

New creative duck stickers to inspire you!

With the Easter holidays bringing on some gorgeous sunshine, I felt inspired to get out and photograph some new wildlife...

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